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Protect yourself!


This will be one of the largest purchases you will make. Take the time to meet with me and I will assist you with the process. Neighbourhoods, schools, zoning changes, future development, transit routes, these are areas where your Realtor can be invaluable, making sure your investment is a solid one and will appreciate over time. 


Arranging showings is only a small part of what I do. You need a keen experienced eye to forsee a potential problem before it happens. Together with my team of experts we will uncover all the facts and bring them to your attention. I work for you! 


I bring the skill of a professional negotiator who has years of experience and can advise you. Bringing historical information on that particular property and the neighbourhood giving you the confidence to know what to offer and how to negotiate to get the best deal without insulting the Seller. 


As an experienced Realtor I will put in the right conditions and the right clauses to protect you. As a skilled professional, I recognize small changes in wording can change the meaning substantially. I will advise you when to push back and when to sign. I'm about getting you the home you love at the price you want to pay while keeping you safe and the Seller happy and appreciative.



When the time comes to sell your home that is when you need to call in a professional!


One of the largest investments you have must be entrusted to a Realtor with years of expertise that is active in your local market place. My job is to gather do the leg work. I will bring all the information to you so you can decide what price you want to sell your home at.


As an expert who has the tools and resources at her finger tips, I can provide for you a staging consultation, a list of services and handymen who can repair or replace those small things that will increase your sale price.


If you don't have time for the elbow grease to prepare your home for sale then I can provide referrals for cleaning and lawn maintenance too!


My professsional photographer will capture your home with still pictures and a narrated video to be viewed by serious Buyers as they narrow their search.


When an offer comes in that is when you want an experienced negotiator working to ensure you get top dollar with the terms and conditions and close date that works for you. When to accept a conditional offer and recognizing when to push back for more money.


Protecting you and your investment, that's what I do best!

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